CCNA Interview Questions on Static Route and Default Static Route

Hello Guys, myself Bipul Roy, I am dual CCIE (CCIE#36690). I have worked long 12 years in the IP networking industry in different companies. So, I have prepared this list of interview questions based on my working experience and networking knowledge. These are the very common questions asked by the interviewer from the Static Route section. I hope this will help you to prepare the networking interview. Best of luck and Thank you.

1. What is a remote network?

A remote network is a network that is not directly connected to the router. The network is connected to another router at the remote side.

2. What is the Static route?

A static route is Static Routing mechanism, use to create a route/routing path manually to reach the remote network.

3. What are the advantages of Static routing?

  • It is easy to implement.
  • It is the most secure way of routing since no information is shared with other routers.
  • It puts no load on resources such as CPU or memory.

4. What are the disadvantages of Static routing?

  • It is suitable only for a small network.
  • Very hard to manage load balancing.

5. What is the syntax of Static routing?

Router(config)#ip route <remote_network>   <subnetmask> <next_hop_ip/exit_interface>

6. What is the metric of Static route?

The metric of the Static route is 0.

7. What is the Static host route?

When we configure Static Route to reach a specific host/destination that is called Static Host Route.

8. What is the function of the ‘Permanent’ keyword in the Static routing configuration?

The permanent keyword with static route configuration keeps the route in the routing table without checking the exit interface or route to the next hop.

9. What is the Floating Static route?

When we configure Static Router as a Backup route by changing AD (Administrative Distance) value, which is called the Floating static route.

10. What is the AD value of the Static route?

The AD value of the Static route is 1.

11. What is the Default Static route?

A default static route is a static route that simply says all traffic goes here because when there is no specific route in the routing table.

12. What is the significance of is called a default route. The route in which an IP address can fall from range to

13. What is the Gateway of Last Resort?

A Gateway of Last Resort or Default gateway is a route used by a router when no other known route exists to forward an IP packet.

14. What are the AD value and metrics of the Default Static route?

The Administrative Distance value of the default static route is 1 and the metric is 0.

15. What is the method of load balance in Static Route?

By making two same static routes on the same router but with different next-hops.

16. What is the AD value of a Static Route when we point to the exit interface?

The default AD value of the static route is 1 whether it pointing to Next Hop IP or Outgoing interface.

CCNA Interview Questions on Static Route and Default Static Route

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