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JOB Placement Training in Bangalore - EduCaff

Educaff is leading IT software, IT Hardware, IT Networking and Non-IT training institute in Bangalore. We are providing JOB oriented training with 100% Job assistance. Our Industry Experts Trainer will assist you such a way that you will become an experts. We thrive for you, for your knowledge and for your success. With EduCaff, we believe that your future starts here and we are 100% committed to make you to the top. Here you will acquire the hands-on practical experience you need to apply the knowledge you learn in professional real-world environments.

EduCaff is an institute based on IT and Non-IT training course. The very view of EduCaff is to promote the trainee to the corporate world with a trained mind which can deal with every problem the world throws at them. The trainees at the EduCaff stand witness to their very agenda of launching fresh and talented people. They focus their whole on maintaining the expectancy of the companies. EduCaff conducted many training courses starting from IT training course, Non-IT training course to job placement training course.

Our Live Project will help you to gather knowledge in IT Software, IT Hardware, IT Virtualization, IT Management, IT Networking and Non-IT domains. It's a perfect combination of all domains that will make you a real Professional. School or College students/ recently pass out students and people who are thinking to start their carrier in IT and Non-IT industry are welcome to EduCaff Bangalore.

The obvious reason is, No one in the Bangalore can give any JOB guarantee. The only JOB guarantee is your "SKILLS" which you can't learn from an ordinary Trainer. EduCaff build a conducive LAB environment and you will be trained by our Industry Experts Instructor who has Real world Industry Experience, who can't only train you but will lay a solid foundation for a Career.


Our success story
Our industry expert trainers have worked with many MNC or Non-MNC companies and they have real world working experience that helps our trainer to explain any topic in easy way to our student and student can understand better. Our Instructors are always helping students to clear their doubts and suggesting right path to achieve success in their career, also encouraging them to become a successful professional.


Our success story
To makes their contender stand up from the rest in the placement round, EduCaff has included along with the ‘one on one’ session, the preparation for the interview. The interview is the most crucial point in the whole placement round. It has the capability to make it or break the whole deal. EduCaff takes this matter of the interview with such panache. It conducts an interview round to analyze the weaknesses of the contenders and then work on it to make it better. They discuss some very probable topics to make them realize the depth of the situation.


Our success story
EduCaff, along with its other offered courses like IT training and Non-IT training that prioritizes on harnessing the hidden talents of their candidates, the job placement training focuses on sending those skilled trainees into the corporate market. EduCaff paints the picture of competency among its students where the idea of maintaining a certain level of adaptness is apparent. Throughout the whole course, EduCaff keeps up with the trends of the current market, keeping in mind the need of the company and furnishes the learners while articulating their own talents. To maintain the need of the company and the authenticity of the candidate, EduCaff has introduced ‘one on one’ session which helps the candidate get the same amount of attention and help that each and every one of them is getting. By including this session, EduCaff is supporting each and every candidate's individuality which would help them later in the corporate world.


Our success story
Curriculum vitae is the crown jewel of the candidate. It can create a first impression or can ruin it. EduCaff has taken the initiation of creating a CV worthy of mentioning. The CV of the candidate would include such winsome and attractive qualities that the company is looking for. CV helps in the recruitment of the candidate thus it needs to be ornamental and crisp. EduCaff naturally talks about its candidate’s individuality and uniqueness and why the company needs to hire them. The unique approach of EduCaff is different from any other job placement training institute which has turned the institute into the most selected job placement institute over any other.


Our success story
Not only ‘one on one’ session or interview session that they have chosen to stress upon, but they have also taken up to the task of smoothing of the communication skill where many get rejected. Many contenders stutter while speaking or forget their own answer, to deal with such problems EduCaff took the matter with care and hones the student’s communication skill. This skill not only helps them communicate with ease but also helps them build a sense of confidence.


Our success story
Along with mock tests, EduCaff Pune has included the live project. For those who don't know what live project is, it is a session where the candidates are placed before a make-believe office situation where their skills and competency would be evaluated. Educaff introduced this live project training with placement to analyze the candidates. The live project has helped many candidates understand their own capabilities in handling situations. This session boosts the confidence of the candidates and also helps them realize their mistakes from which they can learn and further work on it.


Our success story
To keep everyone updated with the trends of the corporate world and the lessons they have learned in the class, EduCaff has chosen to include a mock test. This mock test would help them evaluate their own work so that the candidate can work on the weak point and understand where it needs the work.
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